Internal Branding

Internal branding (brand enlightenment activities within the organization) is as important as transmitting brand value to external stakeholders, including customers.

It is, after all, the individual employees, even more than the top management, who imbue a brand with life, reinforce and advance it. We have stated repeatedly that “a brand is constructed of people and truth,” but no brand will gain strength or advance until the people in the organization come to understand and share the nature of the brand and the concept on which it is built, and act on that basis. The people who make up an organization are, moreover, the most prominent brand contact point from the perspective of stakeholders, including customers. The behavior of the individuals making up the organization determines whether the stakeholders’ impressions and experiences are good or bad.

Gramco seeks to create a brand vision capable of governing the whole organization while respecting the individuality of each member and to clarify and share its value. We eliminate all the impediments hampering brand development, including structural rigidity, constraints due to tradition and inconsistencies accompanying expansion into new business categories. Our goal is to nurture a proactive culture within an organization. A brand begins to shine naturally from within when every employee takes “personal ownership” of the brand.

Example of an implementation process

  1. Selection of implementation members by examining internal papers or other documents submitted by candidates, as needed

  2. Interviews with top executives and internal staff, implementation of a virtual edition of the Imagine Session, etc. for gaining insight into the internal situation

  3. Integrated analysis

  4. Coordination and close review of the brand concept

  5. Creation of brand book

  6. Development of brand video and other brand dissemination support tools if necessary

  7. Organization of concept-sharing seminars and other related activities

  8. Continuous support for activities, such as photo contest, award programs and wall newspapers

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