From inception to execution, our services are tailored individually to meet each project’s unique needs using tried and true strategies.

At Gramco, we have developed original methodologies based on decades of experience with proven results. Using these methods as a starting point, we evaluate and consider the needs of each client as a distinct entity, taking into consideration their immediate needs and long-term goals. We also view each project as an ongoing relationship in which we continue to offer support well into the future.

  • Corporate Branding

    Whether in the midst of starting a new enterprise, modernizing an established company, or adding to a portfolio of brands, Gramco can develop a bespoke brand strategy and identity that will serve as the foundation for success. After a rigorous research and concept phase, we develop naming, slogan, visual identity, and impression management to tell a compelling brand story and captivate the target market.

  • Conglomerate Branding

    With many companies increasingly diversifying their product offerings through different subsidiaries, brands, and product lines, it’s easy for one unifying vision or goal to get lost in the mix. Gramco has extensive experience helping multi-industry conglomerates re-strategize to utilize their collective strengths and configure brand architecture in a way that creates consistency while allowing each entity to function at its peak performance.

  • Global Branding

    As a global branding firm, Gramco has an extensive network of alliance partners and affiliates around the world to facilitate expansion in an international marketplace. We tailor our methods with special sensitivity to linguistic and cultural nuances, working closely with our partners to develop a strategy that makes sense in context. With particular expertise in the Chinese market, we are proud to utilize our Shanghai & Beijing outposts to help multi-national firms stake their claim.

  • Internal Branding

    Employees are the single greatest asset any company can claim and they are also the best brand ambassadors. With our services in internal branding, we strategize and design concepts to unite and empower employees from management to the operational level. As face-to-face interactions can leave a particularly strong impact on a customer’s experience, inspiring a workforce to communicate a brand consistently and accurately is a tremendous advantage.

  • Experiential Branding

    We bring brands to life in the physical sphere through impactful and strategic experiential branding. A physical experience felt through the five senses can leave the strongest impact on a customer’s mind. We take advantage of this by translating brands in a thoughtful manner, giving them new existence in the real world.

  • Visual Identity Development

    Through our own proprietary impression management system called Style Control, Gramco develops a bespoke visual brand identity based on attitudes and associations of key stakeholders. Using a game-like process with words and colors, we measure the stakeholders’ impression of the status quo and of the ideal outcome. Based on these findings, we are able to inform the design process to come up with a unique visual language that successfully communicates the brand.

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