Key Team Members

Gramco has a number of specialists in different domains concerned with branding.
This page features the approaches of Key Team Members in the Brand Consulting Unit (BCU), the Brand Planning Unit (BPU), and the Brand Design Unit (BDU) to their tasks from their respective standpoints.

Atsuro Yamada

President and CEO
Executive Director
Executive Consultant

Yoichiro Yano

Senior Consulting Director
Executive Vice President

Ikunori Nishihara

Board Member
Senior Planning Director

Kazuo Shimizu

Consulting Director

Ayako Shimotsuma

Consulting Director

Masami Kato

Senior Art Director
Executive Officer

Masanaga Yamazaki

Executive Art Director

Yuriko Kimura

Executive Art Director

Wan Liran

Gramco Shanghai Inc.

Liao Peng

Beijing Branch,
Gramco Shanghai Inc.