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Our global brand perspective

Our strong global network is based on our global brand perspective. Gramco has established local subsidiaries in Shanghai and Beijing, China. We offer a wide range of services in partnership with Siegel + Gale in New York, that has branches in Los Angeles, London, Dubai, etc. In addition, we value partnerships with Studio88 in Taipei, ABC Horizon in Singapore, and Kontrapunkt in Copenhagen.

Opened two locations in Shanghai and Beijing

In 2004, Gramco established Shanghai's first branding firm, Gramco Shanghai in Shanghai city as a 100% independent foreign corporation. Two years later, we opened Gramco Beijing, a branch company of Gramco Shanghai, in Beijing. In Shanghai, we provide the same full branding services as in Japan. In Beijing, our specialized space branding team provides space design for stores and showrooms to further convey brand through space.
For Japanese companies, we are rebuilding a brand model tailored to the Chinese market and contributing to the creation of brands favored by Chinese consumers. We also assist medium-sized companies to improve their brand strength in order to achieve a competitive advantage in the globalizing domestic market.
In both Shanghai and Beijing locations, the appointed presidents are local and grew up in their respective cities. Both management and essential staff at these locations have extensive experience at Gramco in Tokyo and are fluent in Japanese.

Alliance with Siegel+Gale, USA

In 2014, Gramco formed a business alliance with Siegel & Gale LLC, a global brand strategy firm headquartered in New York, USA (co-CEOs David Srere and Howard Belk).
For nearly half a century, they have been a leader in the industry for building world-class brands, with a clientele mainly of Fortune 500 global firms. Based on the elegant directness of "Simplicity," the company's ability to craft innovative solutions further strengthens Gramco's strategic perspective. The Gramco-Siegel+Gale collaborative team provides Japanese companies with branding towards true globalization.

A versatile global network in Taiwan, Singapore, and Denmark

Gramco works worldwide as Japan's largest independent branding firm.


Taiwan has seen an increase in the number of projects in recent years, and we have built a close partnership with Studio88 Design Corp. in Taipei since 2016. The company was originally an industrial design company, but as we shared similarities in how we execute our projects, we decided to partner together. Gramco also supports its design initiatives in Japan. Since our partnership began we have held 6 branding seminars for companies throughout Taiwan.

About Studio88

  • Industrial design company headquartered in Taiwan.
  • Founder Dennis Lee spent his student days in the United States and Canada, worked at Dell in the United States, and after returning to Taiwan, founded Studio88.
  • Conducted numerous research/product development activities mainly in the US, Germany, China, Taiwan, Japan, etc. They have many medical clients, an area where they excel. The company has also most recently been designing monitoring websites and apps.
  • Based on thorough research and analysis, they design products that are not only beautiful and functional, but also solve real problems while providing a new customer experience.
  • They investigate purchase decision-making factors, user behavior, and user desired experiences from using a product. They also research the distribution channels of products and circular flow in order to set an appropriate price that is competitive in the market.
  • The product design and PI construction process of Studio88 often overlaps with Gramco's approach, and we complement our respective regions and areas with our constructive partnership.
ABC Horizon

Singapore--the center of Asia’s economy. In 2017, we formed a partnership with ABC Horizon Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of Asahi Broadcasting Group. The company places consulting at the center of its business, as described below. With their support, we held two lectures at both the Chinese and Malay Chamber of Commerce in 2019. Going forward, we will work together on brand awareness activities in neighboring countries.

About ABC Horizon

  • ABC Horizon is a Singapore subsidiary of Asahi Broadcasting Group Holdings.
  • Provides market research and consulting services to companies seeking to expand between Southeast Asia and Japan.
  • Based on detailed local research, provides coordination and matching services with local companies to Japanese companies seeking to enter or invest in the Southeast Asian market.
  • Currently fortifying specific research on Southeast Asian start-up companies centered in Singapore.
  • Provides network of extensive support, such as attracting investors and building clientele for start-up companies seeking to enter the Japanese market.
  • Engages in video services and content sales using their strengths as Asahi Broadcasting Group, which allows us to cooperate in brand communication activities in Asia.

In 2019, we partnered with Kontrapunkt of Copenhagen. The company is one of the best brand design firms in Europe with their forte being font development. We will collaborate on projects for Gramco’s client companies in the future.

About Kontrapunkt

  • Denmark-based design firm founded in 1985.
  • Worked on a wide range of branding for many Danish government agencies and international companies, and won the Best Design Agency Award from Creative Circle in 2011 and 2016.
  • Enriches the brand experience, starting with typeface design based on the brand's tradition and purpose.
  • After his education at the Architectural School of the Royal Danish Academy of Arts, the founder Bo Linnemann engaged primarily in design for international companies, brand identities, and brand typefaces. Since the 1980’s, he continues to influence the global design scene.
  • Linnemann has been awarded the Danish Design Award 17 times and has won numerous international design awards.

In addition to collaborating with partners who have an edge in industrial design, research, consulting, communication, and font design, the global network of Gramco's space design with Siegel+Gale's powerful research services makes it not only easy to export your brand to the world, but also provides a convenient, one-stop shop for a wide range of brand-related services.

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