Message From the President: Farewell 2014, Hello 2015


Dear our clients and visitors of our web site:

We are pleased to inform that in 2014, Gramco Group has provided a great many existing and new clients with its branding services. The number and average scale of our projects, including global, corporate and business branding projects, has increased considerably over the last 4 years.

Here we would like to introduce 3 symbolic projects:
- A global branding project for a baby bottle and nursing good manufacturer, which is well known in Japan and exceptionally successful in China.
- An internal branding and style control Project for a famous Japanese fruits brand which celebrated its 180th anniversary in 2014.
- A university branding project for a unique technology educational institution in the Kanto area whose mission has been to support local enterprises and communities through bringing innovation to technology.

We are grateful for the support of our valued clients in 2014, and will continue contributing to the future growth of our clients in 2015 with our expertise, experience and a global network which has been strengthened by alliancing with Siegel+Gale (US) and Frontage Asia (Singapore), our new global partners.

Our most important keyword for 2015 is “Innovation”, which means we will start renovating our branding methodology to adapt to new needs and to introduce innovative ways for building unique brand experiences.

Our best wishes to you for a bright and successful 2015!


President and CEO

we wish you a happy new year 2015