Interim Presentation of the Kanto Student Marketing Competition 2015 Was Held


The Kanto Student Marketing Competition is known as a great opportunity for college students majoring in marketing to present their research results in front of a huge audience.

The event has a long history of over 30 years, initially held by only 10 seminar classes (Zemi in Japanese). In 2015 it has grown to a much bigger scale, featuring 41 teams, 17 seminar classes from 14 universities. With Waseda University being the coordinating university this year, every team is scheduled to report their research progress in the Interim Presentation on September 19th, and receive feedback from their peer teams.

Moreover, in this year a new attempt was made to introduce real-life business professionals to make comments and give advices to each team. Atsuro Yamada, Gramco President & CEO was invited to the event. Also joining him were marketing professionals from Lion, Nikkei Advertising Research Institute, Dentsu, NEC, Yakult, Nissan, The Nielsen Company Japan and more companies. They were separated to 8 different classrooms and were respectively responsible for commenting 5-6 teams’ presentations.

Four hours had passed when the last team finalized presenting their interim research progress. Each team presented a unique research subject, all being deeply examined with their own point-of-view. Furthermore, it was delightful for Gramco to see that many teams featured a branding perspective in their researches. The event itself reached a very high-level where one can be impressed to find students making their best efforts, and most of all, enjoying themselves in their everyday marketing studies.

The Final Presentation will be held in the end of November 2015, where the best team will be awarded.

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