Message From President: In search of the Next-Gen Branding in 2016


Dear our clients and visitors to our website:.

Happy New Year!

Last year was a significant year and a fresh new start for Gramco – We moved to our new office with a multi-functional meeting space where seminars and sessions can be held. Under our new office concept “open”, we will aim to be a company that warmly welcomes our guests than ever before.

Meanwhile, the last year has also seen a huge increase of collaboration between Gramco and Siegel+Gale, our official partner based in New York, US. Together we had a roundtable seminar in July, and later had the chance to work with Siegel+Gale Los Angeles and London office. In Shanghai where both companies have branch, we have successfully built a sound relationship by complementing each other's strengths.

In the New Year we will continue creating chances to collaborate with Siegel-Gale, strengthen our partnership with Frontage Singapore, and make efforts to produce fruitful results with Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv, our alliance on design.

Thanks to the long-standing trust by our clients, Gramco will celebrate its 29th anniversary in this coming March, and 30th anniversary in the next year, prior to 2020 Tokyo Olympic. We will not rest on our existing results, but will aim to advance the branding industry by developing new solutions for our clients,

The essence of brand strategy is to think from client perspective (Marketing 2.0). More than that, however, we will thrive to build a next-generation branding notion that will function as real management strategy by discovering what could be a brand that can be co-created with its customers (Marketing 3.0), through co-working with our marketing, communication and strategy partners.

We hope 2016 will be a great year for you, Japan and the world to step forward on a right path.

Gramco Tokyo, Shanghai & Beijing wish you a very Happy New Year and warmly welcome you in 2016.

January 1st, 2016



President and CEO, Gramco Ltd. / D-Gram Corporation

Chairman, Gramco Shanghai Ltd. / Beijing Branch