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Message From the President


The new year has come.
2020 was unexpected and it was a tough year for companies, organizations, and especially you.
In my greeting at the beginning of last year, I said, "This year is finally the year of Olympic and Paralympic games Tokyo." "Let's use this opportunity to strengthen brands". I never would have thought a year ago that the Games would be postponed and that COVID19 would be so rampant in the world.

The vaccination will finally be administered early this year and the IOC, JOC, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and Japanese Government have shown strong will to implement the safety measures we have learned so far. Even though it will be held at a smaller and simpler scale, the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will be held in July 2021.

What kind of year will 2021 be?
Remote work will continue to remain post-COVID19 and online communication around the world will expand even further, as we can see from 2020. 5G and VR will contribute towards facilitating communication over distance.
Looking at China, its economic activity is returning to almost normal. Still aware of their savings, the Chinese are making large investments. Regarding consumption trends, Chinese consumers are more motivated to buy big purchases on their own without being influenced by the opinions of others (According to the authoritative institute that Gramco Shanghai is supporting).

However, what kind of year should 2021 be?
As a consumer and a business person, it can be decided by each of us.
We live in an era where companies are forced to change from shareholder-centric to society-centric, with an emphasis on sustainability and societal value.
Generation Y and Z, glowing-up generations, pay close attention to companies and organizations, and they are outspoken about their opinions.
Therefore, the philosophy and guidelines needed for these days are "PURPOSE". This year, GRAMCO will continue to support branding that creates the expectations and sympathy of stakeholders with a globally accepted “PURPOSE”.
Please look forward to us.

President and CEO of Gramco Limited
Chairman of Gramco Shanghai (Shanghai / Beijing)
Atsuro Yamada

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