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This new corporate brand was introduced in January 2004 when four of Japan's trust banks ― the Nikko, Oji, Taiyo and Arakawa trust banks ― completed an equal merger. The name links the bank to the Johoku region in which its operations are centered, reflecting its identity as a community-based trust bank.
The logo employs a cherry blossom motif to express the region's strong association with cherry trees. The four pink petals represent the four trust banks participating in the merger, and the fifth (green) petal, on the verge of changing colors, represents the local community. The mark creates an image unifying the beauty of blossoming cherries with the local community of the Johoku region. The warm pink color has been selected to communicate the bank's strong affinity with customers and the fresh green to communicate the trust it inspires in them as a financial institution.


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