Jiyugaoka Hachino-ya

Case detail

The long-established Japanese sweets brand Hachino-ya has its headquarter in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo. In aim to boost the image of Mayu-monaka, the brand’s key product, and to unify worldview of the brand as a whole, we conducted the branding project which ranged from redefinition of value, to development of statements (silky-smooth taste, silky-smooth service), and design renewal for logos, packages and various packaging materials. As a brand beloved by its local community, as well as a representative Japanese sweets brand in Tokyo, we helped build a brand worldview that gives an impression of high quality and natural feeling while creating an image of mainly silk and cocoon for the brand. By blending a unique Jiyugaoka-style western taste into package design of its new products and personal gifts, the brand continues to deploy its new worldview primarily for the Mayu-monaka products.


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