Japan Ministry of Defense

Case detail

In July 2007, Gramco produced a sign for the Ministry of Defense upon request from the then Minister of Defense, Ms. Yuriko Koike. She made three requests as follows:
(1) The panels for press conferences that are seen on television should be redesigned to be clearly recognized as those of the Ministry of Defense.
(2) Under the Ministry of Defense, the Ground, Marine, Air and Joint Staff Offices had used their respective panels for press conferences and designs without consistency. They should be made uniform.
(3) For the time being, the sign should be used on the panels for press conferences. However, its individual design elements should be enhanced to ensure that it is at least recognized and good-looking and gives relevant personnel a sense of pride in it.

In response to the Minister’s requests, Gramco developed a common system applicable to the logos (Japanese and alphabetic character elements for indication of the names of individual organizations) of the Ministry, the Ground, Marine and Air Self-Defense Forces and the Joint Staff Office in a bid to represent the coherence among them. The conventional symbol of the Ministry, which was selected from the designs submitted to an open competition, was maintained, whereas Gramco tried brushing up the symbols of the Ground, Marine, Air and Joint Staff Offices, which used to be obscure and poorly balanced, by refining the data of the symbols. (The data after refinement were submitted to public relations personnel of the Ministry.) The press conference panels were totally redesigned to feature these symbols and to produce the impression of linkage.
(Gramco produced designs and panels in this project as a donation to the Ministry of Defense.)


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