Japan Ministry of Defense

Case detail

In July 2017, Yuriko Koike--then Minister of Defense--requested Gramco to work on this project. The minister's request included the three following points:
(1) Redesign the backdrop of the Ministry of Defense, to be clearly recognized as such because it is displayed on TV etc. for press conferences.
(2) Unify the varying backdrops and designs for the Ground, Maritime, Air, and Joint Staff under the Ministry of Defense.
(3) While the design goal is the backdrop, through design brush-up, make each element easy-to-understand, aesthetically pleasing, and prideful for the staff.
Gramco made it possible to express a sense of unity by systematizing the logo (Japanese and English characters for each organization name) common to the Ministry of Defense, Ground Self-Defense Force, Maritime Self-Defense Force, Air Self-Defense Force, and Joint Staff. While maintaining the existing symbols of the Ministry of Defense (a plan adopted by public offer), we experimented with the brush-up, including the refinement of the symbol data that was unclear and unbalanced for the Ground, Maritime, Air, and Joint Staff. (Data after the brush-up was handed over to the Ministry of Defense spokesman). The backdrops were completely redesigned to give a certain sense of connection.


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