Case detail

The name of Sociomusé has been coined by joining Socio-, which refers to society, with Muse, which means a museum or the goddess of beauty. It is a product of the total branding project of the Daigo Group, which consists of Daigo Building Co., Ltd., Daigo Construction Co., Ltd. and Sociomusé Design Co., Ltd. The Group engages extensively in urban development including design, construction, development of condominiums and business buildings, and cultural support activities.
The Daigo Group has evolved its concept of urban development, which has remained unchanged since its inauguration, into a philosophy based on the subject of space, under the brand name Sociomusé, and they use it in business activities as a brand that leads to future generations.
Gramco provided comprehensive support in philosophy development, naming, visual identity, sub-brand development and design of stationery items, the website, the corporate brochure, protective sheets and temporary fences used on construction sites.