Saki Corporation

Case detail

Saki Corporation develops and provides highly complex automated visual inspection equipment for use in the printed circuit board mounting process. Though not large in scale, the company has quickly developed into one of two leading brands in this segment, competing with Sony for supremacy. With all its business currently B-to-B, Saki Corporation undertook this branding project with the aim of achieving further development.

Gramco's support included brand model establishment, development of the new SAKI logo, creation of a brand slogan, "The Future in Focus," production of such items as a brand book-style corporate brochure with "Zen" as the theme and formulation of a brand guidelines document. A growing company, Saki Corporation is brimming with vitality and inspired by a dream of developing artificial intelligence in the future, much like the intelligent computer HAL that appeared in 2001― A Space Odyssey.