Keio University

School corporation Keio / Keio University

Case detail

Keio University was founded more than 150 eyers ago. The brand refinement project was condcuted with a brand concept, slogan, symbol, emblem and various items alike. The mark pen expresses a way and a sense of leading, ”lead to the future”.

This VI refinement project for Keio University, a private university with the longest history of any university in Japan, took advantage of Keio's 150th anniversary in 2008. We refined and established usage criteria (guidelines) for the pen mark and emblem, which had been deployed freely in the past with the result that several variations were in use for different purposes. Besides conducting the VI development, we strove to build a consensus by holding a number of sessions with the university's Secretariat to establish a concept. We also posted the guidelines on the Web and enabled visitors to download logo data and other elements. This has become a new attraction due to its easy accessibility for faculty members, students and some 300,000 alumni.


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