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Case detail

A brand development project (first project: June 2005) to commemorate the university's 150th anniversary. Gramco assisted in building the brand concept after conducting surveys inside and outside the university. We worked on a slogan that embodies their concept, VI (i.e. the Keio Pen Mark symbolizing that the pen is mightier than the sword), emblem, redesign of the three-color flag, color guidelines, and other related items. The slogan derived from the concept was set as “leader of society.” This was inspired by the words of Professor Fukuzawa Yukichi when he made a speech before the alumni. The Pen Mark original was developed by a student around 1885 (Meiji 18) and later officially certified. However, as many design variations were produced, it became necessary to unify them. After 120 years of its existence, we refined the Pen Mark. Its shape was redesigned to reflect a sense of ascent; we widened the pen tip and puckered the base to better express the feeling of leadership from the concept words, "leader of society." We have taken great care and caution in developing the pen's 120-year-old form. As a result, over 100 prototypes have been created and reviewed. The colors of the three-color flag, known as Blue, Red & Blue (BRB), also existed in various tones. We took this opportunity to precisely define and unify them. With the occasion of Keio’s 150th anniversary ceremony, they began official use of this Pen Mark university-wide. In August 2015, Gramco began their second stage refinement project with Keio, which included the creation of original characters for the logotype portion and international regulations for brand colors. The purpose at this time was to raise the brand value of Keio University not only in Japan, but also worldwide. Currently, the Keio University website includes information regarding the use of their logo mark and features a system that allows interested parties to apply.


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