Opsia misumi

Case detail

Opsia misumi is a locally based shopping center that was opened in 2007 with a view to serving as the Misumi Group’s showcase. Gramco developed the name and symbol logo on the basis of the concept described below. Gramco also drew up a concept and a basic plan for the shopping center itself, which extends to a vast site of nearly 9,000 tsubo.

- OWhat is Opsia?
This term is coined by combining Ops, which is the name of the goddess of harvest in the Roman mythology, with the suffix -ia which means soil.
Opsia misumi’s concept is to establish itself as a facility that is convenient and easy to drop by every day and that supports locals’ life with dreams.

To meet this objective, Misumi worked to create facilities that would be easy to use, relaxing and pleasant to customers of all age groups.
The shopping center aims to deliver, extra fun and comfort as well as new discoveries in everyday life in the future.
The name of Opsia misumi reflects Misumi’s aspiration to make this shopping center capable of enriching customers’ lifestyles by offering a variety of services necessary to daily living.