S.SHOBEY Silkstore

Case detail

Heir to the tradition of Shobey Shiino, a silk product producer and merchant that prospered in the Hon-cho district of Yokohama some 140 years ago, this "old yet new" brand was revived in cooperation with the Yokohama Silk Manufacturers' Association. The company established its first store in the restored Yokohama Red-Brick Warehouse, where it is conducting business aimed at achieving the status of the "Japanese Hermes" with its offering of traditional silk products and innovative contemporary scarves and a product deployment interlocked with Makuzuyaki (Yokohama ware) pottery.

The LOGO motif is the original Shobey Shiino headquarters store, which was destroyed by the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923. Besides the VI, SI (store identity) and packaging, GRAMCO's contribution has included producing designs for the textiles used in the store's popular scarves.


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