Case detail

Located in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Sembikiya Main Branch has a honorable history of more than 175 years. For a long time it served mainly customers in Kanto area and acquired a high reputation. However it also has been searching for a new way to evolve since the 21st century opened its curtain. It introduced in a new branding project, aiming for the comeback of its aging customers, and to strengthen its peripheral businesses such as red tea, wine and snacks sales. The new logo is inspired from Demeter, the goddess of the harvest. Through the project Sembikiya refreshed its emblem which has almost never been used since it was made in 1971. Alphabet S, the first letter of Sembikiya, combining with the portrait of the Goddess Demeter, are placed in a piece of leaf that represents all kinds of fruits. Sembikiya has since been favorably boosting its business, with its brand new Sembikiya Main Branch opened in Mitsui Tower in autumn 2005, and with its latest branch opened in Kitte, Marunouchi Tokyo in 2013. Gramco has been providing comprehensive support including shop, utensil, signature and package designing services since 2002.