Mitsui Memorial Hospital

Case detail

Gramco has developed the corporate identity of Mitsui Memorial Hospital, a general hospital located in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo with more than a century of history after its foundation in 1906. In June 2010, the hospital clearly worked out its medical stance of practically living with patients and revised its philosophy of medical care, fundamental principals and guiding principles. At this major turning point, it changed its symbol and its colors. Gramco created its corporate identity design.
Inspired by the initial letter of the name, namely the letter M, the symbol is designed to look like young leaves that grow energetically. The lines that extend from outside towards the inside suggests its aspiration to serve as a locally based trunk (main) medical institution. In combination with a deep blue that symbolizes reliability there is a light blue giving a refreshing impression. With these colors, the symbol represents both familiarity and a serious attitude. Shaped like a heart symbol, this symbol is used at different positions inside the hospital and in public relations magazines and other publications.


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