39 Islands of Okinawa

Cabinet Office project on revitaliziation of Okinawa remote islands

Case detail

In 2005, The Cabinet Office launched Chura Island Brand Review Conference, in a bid to revitalize the 39 habitated remote islands of Okinawa. While holding discussions on the development of an umbrella brand that applies to all 39 islands, the Cabinet Office provided support for the project ”One Island, One Story”, which includes development of products and tourism of each island.

The name Churari Islands is coined by 2 separate words (Okinawan word Chura which means beautifulness + remote islands). The logo symbolizes 39 diamond-like islands, all presented in vivid and dynamic colors and shapes. Altogether they form a rectangle shape which stands for a jewel box. With its aspect ratio proportional to 400×1000km, the logo represents the sea area which consists of all 39 man-occupied remote islands of Okinawa.


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