TRIENS Global Website

TRIENS / Sankyo Reels’ Global Website

Case detail

Sankyo Reels, Inc. engages in the manufacturing and selling of automotive servicing equipment and reels, and it stands as the leader in its industry. It launched a new global website serving as a gateway to its websites tailored to individual countries, so that users could clearly understand its global operations. Prior to the launch, local subsidiaries separately conducted business operations. The website is designed with the motifs of a reel and the earth. Taking advantage of the page characteristics in which a single page covers the whole story, the entire website represents a reel.
The image of the earth is not merely round. It is designed to convey a global feeling by placing specific forms representing traits of different countries.
The website uses only the corporate color and black to emphasize its presence as a global website while expressing Sankyo Reels’ view of the world.


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