Only Ota Quality

Ota Brand Promotion Association

Case detail

At Ota Ward of Tokyo, the Ota Brand Promotion Association, led by the Ota Branch of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is working to redevelop the brand ONLY OTA QUALITY for the district, which currently has a cluster of 500 medium- and small-sized factories under the slogan of Mirai Shokunin Kodawari no Shigoto (Elaborate Workmanship of Future Artisanal Professionals).
Gramco helped develop a brand book, posters and other tools. In the inauguration and exchange meeting, Gramco’s representative, Atsuro Yamada, delivered a keynote speech. The brand book takes the form of a box so that company brochures and flyers can be inserted.


Conception Naming Slogan Logo Brand Book/Tool Package Interior/Sign Web VI Manual/Brand Style