komatsu matere

Case detail

With the 75th anniversary as their third founding, their branding project began from April 2018 to accelerate business expansion and diversification. On the first of October of the same year, their company name, corporate logo, business brand logo, and slogan were renewed. For the new company name, the komatsu brand was maintained from the old company name Komatsu Seiren, and created the word “mateRe” to include “material” and “Re” from “repeating.” This name represents their determination to continue creating new technologies and materials. Their wide range of businesses include textiles, medical care, welfare, daily life materials, construction materials, etc. In the summer of 2019, the project brand Co-mt. launched to propose new technologies and materials for their products. They will continue to challenge themselves to become a proposal-based functional fabric manufacturer. The official company name is KOMATSU MATERE Co., Ltd.


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