Case detail

Full support through two phases for the corporate brand Skylight Consulting, an independent consulting company founded in 2000. Gramco’s experience included maintaining relations for 15+ years of continuous support by building regular customer contact points, such as calendars and public relations magazines. After their first branding phase and based on this experience, we had the opportunity to further support the consistent evolution of their brand in 2017-2019.

Phase 2 (2017-)
Approximately 10 years after the initial branding support, Skylight Consulting had grown and expanded with their business content, as the external environment changed and human resources were diversified. In addition to consulting services featuring IT, the company actively works to create new values from scratch, such as planning new business strategies. We planned a brand evolution that promotes unique positioning, in which they also invest and nurture business ventures in the long-term. Gramco formulated the brand concept, developed the slogan, VI evolution, style, and application production. The company's powerfully evolved new brand vision is “Create a bright future together.” The logo has been refined to appear more bold and graceful, and the visual system with three color variations has transformed into a dynamic slogan of “Illuminate. Integrate. Evolve.”


Phase 1 (2004-2016)
The company, with only a select few on their team, started as a consulting firm with strengths in IT and business expertise. Around four years after the company was founded and as business increased, branding began with the aim of achieving sustainable growth and gaining more trust from their customers. Gramco carried out their brand concept formulation, developed the slogan, VI, and application production. We included their belief of close relations with their clients and reliability with carrying out projects into the brand's vision: “Together, to the future. Steadily, with each step.” The brand worldview emanates a sense of trust and sophistication.