Case detail

Toyosu Co., Ltd., a company of Kameda Seika Group, produces high-end snack food products for the Group. This is a new brand development project to which Gramco provided consistent support, including research, analysis, concept building, brand naming, product naming, brand logo creation, package design, store design, brand style construction, website and online shop construction. Moreover we also provided advices on the shape and taste of the new product brand during development.

The new brand name is JUKKA (十火), which is coined by Ju (十, number 10 in Japanese) meaning perfect, and KA (火, fire in Japanese) meaning nonstop change and innovation. The two white Chinese characters of JUKKA, inside the charcoal-color square on the package, when being put one on another, forms a Chinese character of KOME (米) which means rice. This represents the brand’s insistence on rice and other ingredients. In a bid to seize the needs of 30 to 40-year-old women for personal consumption and for personal gifts, the brand promotes Japanese modern as a new worldview, on its packages and in its shops, in the rice snack industry that had long been isolated from innovation,

In November 2009, following the opening of the JUKKA flagship shop in Minami-Aoyama, the brand has achieved a considerable amount of media exposures (on TV, magazines and blogs, etc.), in which products such as maro (丸), megumi(恵), mochi(餅), umi(洋)were especially popular. The brand has since then been expanding its territory, by opening new shop in Seibu Department Store, Ikebukuro, Tokyo in September, 2010, and in Daimaru Umeda in March, 2011.