What is a brand?

A brand is a "bond" that connects organizations with stakeholders

As is well known today, a brand is a "bond" that connects organizations with their stakeholders.
A brand is an "intangible asset" that brings profits to a organization and is essential to management.
Companies in which leadership advocates for “increasing corporate value” must have a solid brand strategy.

Our definition of brand

  • Overall positive impression through good experiences remembered by customers and stakeholders
  • Cycle of "Promise" and "Deliver" offered from the company to its customers/stakeholders, then "Expectation" and "Empathy" offered from the customers/stakeholders in return
  • Symbols for customers and stakeholders to make better choices
  • Source of pride for company employees and related parties
  • Intangible assets and intellectual property that benefit business

Effects of a brand

  • Motivation for continuous transactions and purchasing
  • Differentiation from other companies in the same industry (similar products and services)
  • Price maintenance or premium price acquisition

The global trend towards purpose-driven branding

Today’s market is global and connected. Of course, each market has its own characteristics and peculiarities, and a marketing strategy needs to be optimized for its region through price and product policies. Likewise with branding--though necessary to achieve a certain level of localization--there is a growing trend that the awareness of clients and consumers worldwide are moving toward one direction. That being how much the brand provides the world with benefits to society.
When reconstructing a client’s brand concept, Gramco will discuss appropriate items to develop for that company and be flexible to suit their needs. However, in light of the global trend, we strongly recommend the basic structure of Purpose, Vision, Value Proposition, and Personality for clients that intend to expand globally.

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