Style Control

VI alone cannot express the worldview of the brand. Visually deliver your brand concept with style

How do you want your brand to be perceived?

Gramco Group has exclusively developed a brand impression management system that was not possible with conventional VIs alone.
This system is known as Gramco StyleControl®.
We have been offering this service since 2008 in combination with our own research method, Gramco Imagine Session®, resulting in many achievements.

What is the Gramco Style Control ?

Gramco's original method for building the brand's "worldview."
By expressing the identity of the company/organization as a unique brand style with colors and visuals, then developing this style at various brand contact points, we link the cycle of brand communication--Brand Ring®--in order to leave a consistent brand impression within those involved.

The visible brand concept

Due to the lack of managing tone and style, as well as the tacit knowledge of corporate culture, the worldview of a brand has arguably been somewhat spontaneous--aside from the creation of VI and brand colors mainly intended for logo use.
With Style Control, tone and manners are comprehensively managed based on a well-established brand concept. It creates a visible brand concept with colors and visuals.

Shaping the brand concept into key words

The three basic elements that make up a brand style are "Color," "Visual," and "Placement/Composition."
The basis for deriving a brand style is the personality or brand value (value proposition) of the brand concept (Gramco Brand ModelR,) but instead of directly converting it to the brand style, we temporarily replace it with creative expression keywords that are more familiar to stakeholders, and then maintain the above basic elements that align with these keywords.
Keywords are also easy to understand for creators who are involved in advertising and web production.
The in-house research method Gramco ImagineSessionR (⇒ Read more for details) is conducted for employees to develop the Gramco ImagineBoardR. This allows anyone to easily understand the brand’s worldview and its creative expression keywords at a glance.
Furthermore, when conducting creative work in the future at each contact point of the brand, we develop a guideline book to share image examples so that the same worldview may be reproduced.

* In some projects, in order to shorten the project process, we may not develop creative expression keywords and derive the brand style directly from the concept. For the same reason, some projects may not have an ImagineSession®.

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