Gramco ImagineSession®

Surveying employee thoughts about the company. If not now, when?

Quickly gauge employee awareness at an ImagineSession®

Gramco ImagineSession® is our original online survey method that allows you to confirm the current situation of employees regarding the company and any inclination to change in the future.
In other words, this helps to understand the feelings of employees. It points out what they like about the company, and what ought to be improved.
Out of the provided 60 Imagine cards (word cards), each employee uses their PC or smartphone to select one word that represents the company's current situation and another word that represents the employee’s goal. The results are combined and analyzed by department, department, age, etc.
By doing so, the concept direction becomes clear for branding that is based on employee participation. Your company's internal issues also become apparent, even when using this for means other than branding.
Specifically, we divide the issues into four categories called "4DNA" (factors to maintain, improve, supplement, eliminate), analyze them for any tendencies/overall direction, and present the results promptly.
The survey requires about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Although it depends on the number of total employees, the survey period usually lasts around 2-3 weeks. The report will be available about a month from the start of the survey period.
The max number of survey participants possible is about 30,000, and we conduct surveys for smaller groups of participants as well.

1. Login screen → 2. Employee information entry → 3. Start with company's "current image" → 4. Select one choice out of the two provided → 5. Same process for company's "goal image" → 6. Results are displayed in 4 quadrants in words and colors

Research results visible through colors

What makes this ImagineSession® unique is that you can see the current and future comparisons that employees have provided in color on the ImagineMatrix. We conducted preliminary surveys not only in Japan, but also in China, Asia, and Western countries to create a database of the relation between words and colors based on the human senses. This database makes it possible to convert the collected words into colors automatically.
Understand the feelings of employees through color. Though we also disclose detailed survey results, the Gramco ImagineSession® is a truly creative research method that can instantly capture employees intentions for change in a sensory manner.

Sessions conducted in Japan and around the world

Gramco ImagineSession® research is available in Japanese, English and Chinese. If desired, we can conduct it in other languages ​​as well, depending on where you plan to expand your sales and production. Since this is an online service with various access methods including smartphone, results can be collected remotely and quickly from anywhere in Japan and the world. If this research is carried out in a branding project, employees who might be physically far away during this time will surely feel more connected upon notification of this survey (at this stage, the research intention and project will be explained in detail).
Though considered as research, we purposely chose the word, Session. This is because this online survey was initially used at the stage of concept and brand style development in face-to-face sessions for selected employees. By working online, we can work together in a virtual session and enhance team bonding despite the distance--a special feature of this method.

The results from the Gramco ImagineSession® research can be used from the perspective of employee participation in brand concept development because they shed light on the employees’ evolving intentions and desires. This allows us to produce an internal branding effect for employee involvement.
As mentioned earlier, since survey results can be confirmed through colors, they can be directly used for the development of Brand Style (Gramco StyleControl®) that is further explained here.

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