The Gramco difference

Gramco is a Japanese branding firm with a stellar track record.

As a brand strategy consulting and design firm, we support brand construction for a wide variety of companies. In addition to our design solutions, such as developing VI, we provide management solutions with the most advanced brand methods linking management and brand strategies.
"Enliven People, Organizations and the World" is our Purpose, which we established in 2024.
We have been continually communicating the importance of having a Purpose.
We have also defined our own Purpose, and we are committed to further developing our branding services.

What's special about Gramco?

  • As a consulting firm that combines both strategic and creative thinking, we are "the first branding firm established in both Japan and China" that consistently supports everything from research, strategy/concept planning, to brand design development and expansion.
  • We have many original methods developed from more than 30 years of experience that help you to achieve clear, efficient and effective branding.
  • We support space branding of stores and showrooms, as we also serve as a “space design company”--a feature fairly uncommon for a brand consulting company.
  • In Shanghai, China, we have operated our own local branch since 2004--Gramco Shanghai. Then in 2006, we established a branch office in Beijing to meet the ever-wider range of branding needs in China.
  • In addition to partnering with Siegel & Gale LLC--a premier global brand strategy firm based in New York, we are building a comprehensive network through relationships with Studio88 in Taiwan, ABC Horizon in Singapore, and Kontrapunkt in Denmark.

What can we do for you?