Gramco Remote Branding™

Brand work that goes beyond distance

Implemented both domestically and overseas

Remote branding is a service that carries out precise branding work despite the distance. The term remote has recently become a popular term, with meanings such as "distantly controlled," "indirect," and "far."
Gramco is one of the few Japanese firms that can consistently handle full branding from research, conceptualization, analysis, naming, VI, style development, and subsequent follow-up consulting. However, from February 28, 2020, due to the effects of COVID-19, all Japanese employees were required to work from home. Prior to COVID-19, we utilized our video conferencing system regularly for interviews with clients and customer staff overseas, but this pandemic rendered us unable to physically visit our clients not only overseas, but also domestically. This situation led us to develop Gramco Remote Branding™. This system allows us to conduct our consistent, one-stop branding work process--BrandOne®--and to interact with our valued clients remotely.

May not surpass face to face, but boasts many advantages

Gramco Remote Branding is a new service we offer that allows you to continue your essential branding process without interruption, regardless of the situation. Conducting a brand session (workshop for discussing brand concept by dividing into teams and summarizing contents), critical discussion, Gramco-refined concepts, naming, wording, VI, and presenting brand style/worldview face to face is undoubtedly most desirable. Nevertheless, when various restrictions exist, this system helps us work as needed with the client remotely and moves the project forward without delay.

  • This system--with some experimental areas-- is the result of trial and error by working with multiple clients while the new coronavirus (COVID-19) spread worldwide.
  • In particular, it is rather challenging to remotely perform long sessions that may take 3 to 4 hours, such as the Gramco Brand Session. Although it was a difficult task to carry out the session by dividing into multiple teams, we arrived at a satisfactory solution by combining various online video conferencing systems with other methods.
  • This benefits clients by eliminating travel costs since Gramco will not travel. Moreover, no travel results in more time for actual work and contributes to the speed of the project.
  • To overcome distance even in normal circumstances, it is possible to use a combination of face-to-face and remote methods.
  • Our system is currently in beta, but in the very near future, we will evolve to Remote Branding that fully meets the needs of the times and can be 100% completed remotely.

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