Message From the President


Creating distinctive presence, with Purpose.

In recent years, the perspective of Social Value has been on the rise;
society evaluates enterprises and organizations all over the world without question.
With that in mind, commitment to SDGs and ESG becomes increasingly prominent.
We also face an undeniable fact:
Millennials and Generation Zs gravitate towards evaluating from a sustainability standpoint.

In response to this trend, global companies now prevalently possess their Purpose.
Defining a clear Purpose contributes to their growth; through company-wide activities and initiatives,
this cultivates and elevates all employees’understanding of their roles in society.
Thus, the time is now--a perfect opportunity for enterprises to identify their distinctive presence.

Throughout this year, we supported many clients with our new brand slogan, “Identify you.”
In the coming year, Tokyo 2020 will finally take place,
and Japan will surely maintain worldwide attention through the following events.
It is our pleasure to continue with our support--illuminate you
and Japan’s brands--through creating your distinctive presence.

We greatly look forward to serving you in this coming new year.


President & CEO of Gramco Limited / D-Gram Corporation
Chairman of Gramco Shanghai / Beijing
An official partner of Siegel+Gale.
Alliance with STUDIO88 in Taiwan & ABC HORIZON in Singapore.

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