National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

Case detail

The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation is a new type of science museum that connects people with cutting-edge science technologies. A branding project was conducted to strengthen its internal centripetal force and external transmission capabilities as an institution with an originality and progressiveness no conventional science museums can match.

After conducting a survey and analysis of the current situation, we developed a brand concept through discussions with working group members gathered from the various sections. We then developed a brand slogan ("Understanding Science, Understanding the World") that expresses a desire to communicate understanding of science experientially and multilaterally and to change the worldviews of those who comes into contact with Miraikan. We also developed a brand book in which the Miraikan's brand concept was presented on 12 cards to enable all the staff to understand and share the Miraikan brand. The brand book's unusual structure enables it to be distributed in assembled status and then used as a portable ring book after it is dismantled. The photo shows a distribution ceremony, at which Executive Director Mamoru Mori presented brand books to the members of the museum's staff.