QUICK Electronics Services Corporation

Case detail

As the leading IT professional firm in the Nikkei Group, QUICK Electronics Services Corporation embarked on a branding project in anticipation of the 30th anniversary of its foundation as well as its future.
As a subsidiary of QUICK Corporation, a major financial information vendor, QUICK Electronics Services possesses a visionary perspective as well as assured technical capacity. Being part of the rapidly changing IT industry, the firm views the branding project as a strong commitment, to develop into a new technology-based company that is not confined to the electronic service industry.

In order to produce the company website and brochure as well as other tools for external communication, Gramco has since 2011 been offering development support from the very basic contents of these tools. In March 2013, QUICK Electronics Services renamed itself QES when it celebrated its 30th anniversary. During the corporate name change, Gramco held in-depth discussions with the client company on how to conduct competitor surveys, and on what makes a company name desirable, etc. Based on these discussions, Gramco developed the new company name, logo design and design for the related communication tools.

Gramco created a logo that leaves an impression of liveliness in making new attempts, power in leading customers, and a quality feeling based on excellence in technical and proposing capabilities. This logo is uniformly applied to the design of individual tools.


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