Case detail

Project for Johnson Professional, which is a Japanese corporation of Johnson & Co. in the commercial sector. This Diversey company has been providing professional products and services for cleanliness and sanitation for various spaces and manufacturing processes, such as building maintenance, retail, food service, hotels, and accommodation facilities. In November 2012, they decided to become their own brand after claiming independence from their parent company, US Shield Air, Inc. Towards their new start, Gramco supported them by developing their new company name, brand logo, concept, and slogan. On July 1, 2014, with their new title as CxS Corporation, they began a new journey. In order to help many people live and contribute to the realization of a better society, they continue to further expand overseas and develop business for general consumers. The brand logo uses soft curves and a clean blue, which gives a sense of security and trust in the company's business activities.The company name CxS includes the idea of pursuing and enhancing the traditions and origins of cleanliness and sanitation, in order to develop and provide valuable products and services to customers as an innovative company.


Conception Naming Slogan Logo Brand Book/Tool Package Interior/Sign Web VI Manual/Brand Style