Case detail

Branding project of Manda Fermentation Co., Ltd. known for their health food, “Manda Enzyme.” Upon becoming the official supplement partner in 2013 of England's professional soccer club, Manchester United, Gramco began their brand development for increasing global acknowledgement. The corporate logo “M” is based on the motif of holding hands. The circular line that extends outwards symbolizes the earth and represents the corporate philosophy of “Contributing to the health of people and the earth.” In 2017, the package of our main product “Manda Koso” series was completely redesigned. The product series were consolidated for the basic products, ginger flavor, as well as keeping in mind of new future products. A cohesive design was developed across various product types to foster a sense of unity and enhance the brand value. We also developed a wide variety of product packaging such as health foods, beauty products, and agricultural products for gifts intended for loyal customers. While representing the characteristics of various categories within the design, the product group as a whole contributed to the building of Manda Fermentation's unique worldview.


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