TOMA Consultants Group

Case detail

A prestigious accounting consultants group with a long history that began with its first generation starting their judicial scrivener business in 1890. In 2012, the tax accounting department of Fujima Certified Public Accountant Judicial Scrivener Office was separated and functions consolidated. With this, a committee mainly composed of executives and mid-level employees evaluated and formulated the brand vision, value proposition, personality, positioning, etc. With the intention of supporting clients to reach 100 years of business, Gramco created the brand slogan, “Support for a bright future.” Their value propositions were defined as “one-stop service,” “high expertise,” and “advanced problem solving.” TOMA Consulting Group Co., Ltd. was established as a holding company. In order to provide the aforementioned one-stop service, they established consultants for financial, human resources, business succession, medical, and the TOMA audit corporation under its umbrella. The number “1” symbolizes their aim to become the customer’s number one supporter. The letter “T” is its motif and first acronym for TOMA, which always strives to ascend above and beyond. Their colors are R&B (red & blue).


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