Isehan / KISSME

Case detail

Isehan is a cosmetics manufacturer that will celebrate its 200th anniversary in 2025. Since its establishment of Beniya, which was founded in Edo Nihonbashi in 1825 (Bunsei 8), they have continued to pursue beauty and to create products that are ahead of the times. Looking ahead to the milestone year, we recently launched a project to study various measures to improve their corporate value. Their branding is being worked on as a part of this project. Gramco supported various research, brand concept development, portfolio formulation, and corporate brand development. The corporate brand KISSME logo, which will henceforth symbolize the company, represents their deep commitment to “rouge” that has been handed down since its founding. With its creative products, the logo also expresses their strong passion and spirit of venture that makes timeless “beauty” shine.


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