Case detail

litta is a prepaid electronic payment brand belonging to the H2O RETAILING group that started in April 2017. Desiring to become a more familiar electronic payment choice that is indispensable for everyday life in the Kansai area, we branded its featured ability to be used even for small payments with the image of small water droplets that improve daily life. The name “litta” is a combination of two words: “liter” that is a unit of measurement for liquids, and “aqua.” At the same time, the story is linked to the group name “H2O (water)” that incorporates their philosophy of “continuing to be an indispensable presence in the local community.” With a focus on Osaka , they aim to become “Kansai's representative payment of the region” that radiates in the same manner of water ripples. Gramco was in charge of developing their brand name, brand logo, as well as supporting the development of customer contact points. These included the transaction sound, main credit card name and face design.


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