JVC KENWOOD Holdings, Inc.

Case detail

Gramco took part in the branding project for JVC KENWOOD Holdings, Inc. This is a joint holding company established through the business integration between Victor Company of Japan, Ltd. and Kenwood Corporation.
Defining the corporate vision as Realize the unconventional, Gramco developed a symbol logo and corporate items for the new holding company that stands as a unique world-leading group of specialized manufacturers.

- Meaning of the symbol logo:
The two dynamically upward sloping curves represent the infinite growth and expansion potential towards the future. They also express the strong determination of JVC KENWOOD Holdings to lead the world with its resourcefulness and implementation capacity to realize the unconventional. With a sense of stability and refinement, the logotype is infused with the quality of different corporate activities centering on the offering of products and services. The logotype also reflects the company’s wish to build ties of trust with customers through the company’s activities.

- Implication of the brand colors:br> Adopted as the brand colors are Intelligent Blue, which represents intelligence and dignity, and Techno-gray, which means ever-evolving technical capabilities.


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