Hulic Co., Ltd.

Case detail

In November 2008, Hulic Co., Ltd. listed its shares on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and launched a branding project. It is a blue-chip company owning a large number of centrally located properties. It answers to the diverse real estate needs of customers with the use of its three functions, namely renovation, development and property management. In its first earnings release following its listing, it reported the highest income in its history.
For the purpose of branding, the company name and symbol were developed to reflect its strong aspiration to create a rich human living environment. Gramco became engaged in the process from interviews with top management and the name development involving internal personnel to the creation of a symbol visually representing the concept, coloring, and development of a logo with the full company name.

- Meaning of the company name of Hulic:
The company name Hulic was coined by combining the three words that mean human, life and create.
The name embodies the company’s commitment to creating and offering many different products and services for increasing comfort, reassurance and the richness of human life.

- Meaning of the symbol:
The company has a concept and attitude of building close ties with customers and with society and thereby creating a rich environment, producing comfort and increasing reassurance. The symbol graphically represents this concept. The symbol is shaped like the capital letter of the company name, namely the letter H. It depicts a situation in which the company tightly joins hands with customers and society to form strong bonds. Meanwhile, it also suggests the company’s two business pillars, specifically its real estate business and its insurance business.

- Implication of the corporate colors:
The stance of creating comfortable and rich lifestyles and future is expressed in a Future Blue while the peace of mind that reassurance and trust bring to people is in a Gentle Blue. A combination of these different blue colors symbolizes Hulic’s corporate image.